You've already worked out your calories but you may be wondering how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat you should be eating. 

The next 3 days will cover of all these. I'm going to give you some simple guidelines to follow, but trust me, these guidelines are the absolute best thing you could do to help squeeze the most out of your training and fat loss attempt.

The guidelines do not change regardless of whether you're looking to lose weight or not, so as you move into the future continue to follow these if possible.

The guidelines will help give you maximum results from the gym, you'll recover more quickly, it's easier to attempt to lose weight AND it moves you toward eating foods good for your health.

Key Points.

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Sources Of Protein

You can see some rich sources of protein below. A handy way to help you make your daily protein range (it can take time to adjust to it) is to use food types below and the recipe library to build meals you enjoy and tick the boxes that need to be ticked.

Quick link to recipe library: