All of your training and all of your nutrition needs looked after on 1 programme. Workouts, meal plans, supplements, 1 to 1 support...the 35+ programme gives you everything you need.

We start exercising to feel good about ourselves. To be strong, healthy, and to look our best.

As we get older it can be harder to prioritise. Family life, work, ageing parents...all the things that come with adulthood. 

You can't make the gym at set times anymore, and maybe even if you could you don't feel like you can keep up the pace you used to.

Or maybe an injury stopped you in your tracks for a while.

For someone in their 30s, 40s and 50s it's all perfectly normal.

I'm here to tell you though that the absolute key to your physical and mental well-being in the long run is continuing to exercise.

We know without doubt it's the answer to ageing well (there are some other obvious things like not smoking).

But the days of being middle-aged and slowing down are done. You can still be strong, fit, healthy, and move well. You can live pain free and be mobile.

BUT you HAVE to prioritise the fact this means something to you, and it's something you want.

You need to invest in your 'health pension'.

I understand that it can be tricky to know what to do though. 

What should you be doing in the gym if you're not at a class with someone telling you what to do? 

What kind of a warm up? 

What lifting? 

Should I do cardio?

Are there any things I should change because I'm not 20 any more?

All questions I'll answer for you.

I'm 41 at the time of writing this. I'm trying to age gracefully and I have a healthy fear of slowing down, or of getting sick when I'm older, but, and I know it sounds like a cliché, but I've never felt better in my whole life.

There are several components to that but my training plays a huge, huge role in it.

What do I do? Well, I have a training programme that people like us sign up to do, and I follow it myself. 

We prioritise the fact we want to feel good and age well. Every single week.

It's called The 35+ Programme and it's designed specifically for you and I.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.


As we get older we need to train smarter.

Warming up properly becomes hugely important. 

The heaviest we can lift for 1 repetition becomes far, far less of a priority (staying healthy/injury free jumps the queue here).

We probably can't do as much total work as we used to. This is more down to a combination of things, it's not like we're set for the glue factory, but when you're younger you have so much time to put to recovery/training for long periods/training twice a day.

Your priorities shift.

The 35+ Programme is designed with all this in mind. I run the programme, I do the programme.

It's easier if I give you a little summary of things. Let's take a look...

The programme is designed and done by someone who is... over 35. This seems obvious, but it's not.

Many gyms are run by (and their programming is done by) people who don't understand what it's like to be in their 30s, 40s or 50s. 

We can still train hard, but we can't get away with some of the things we could in our 20s. 

We need proper, well designed training.

 Not every workout needs to be 'go hard or go home'.

You can still be very, very fit at this age, but your approach needs to be incredibly smart.

One of the other HUGE benefits of an online coaching programme is flexibility. You are not tied to set hours on set days.

The workouts are there every week (5 in total) and you slot them in when you can.

It could be 2 workouts, it could 4, it could 5. 

Once you are prioritising yourself you are winning.

I touched on the fact it can be difficult to know what to do in the gym. You no longer need to worry about this, our next huge benefit is structure.

Everything is done for you. Warm ups. Lifting. Conditioning (cardio). Stretching and cool down.

All with a fully comprehensive video library of me going through the motions and explaining every single movement I give you.

Unsure if you're doing some correct? You can upload YOUR video of you doing it to the app and I'll review it for you.

You'll have the structure, guidance, and be safe in the knowledge that your programme has your best interests at heart. Not all exercise programmes are equal.

You might be thinking 'this is all sounds great, prove it'.

Meet Adam.

He's been on the programme for the past 2 years. From a starting point overweight at 100kg, and with his fitness almost non-existent he has transformed his body and ability to do work. 

"When I started I was overweight, unhappy, and I knew I had no level of fitness. I just finished Hyrox Madrid, the programme completely changed my life".

From 100kg to 78kg, to Hyrox Madrid '24 finisher (there's more feedback from current and past members at the bottom of the page).

I told you - the days of slowing down are done if you take action.


You'll get everything you need whatever your goal.

Get access to my flagship nutrition course Fat Loss Forever (it covers all aspects of nutrition, not just fat loss). 

You let me know your goal, I'll tell you what to eat, how much, and why you should eat it. You'll have recipe ideas, I'll teach you about supplements, how to easily enjoy food on social occasions, and a host of other nutrition tips to level up your knowledge forever

Check out a snippet video overview of the course below.

You've got the best possible training programme matched with all your nutrition needs. Whatever the goal, I'll take you there.

The 35+ Programme will give you a confidence which can't be matched by anything else.

Day to day wearing a t-shirt, nights out, living pain free, knowing you're investing in your health - there is no pill, tablet, or anything that can be bought to replicate any of this.

I would love to have you on board the team but I do have a couple of terms for entry.

1. I can't coach beginners on an online programme.

Nobody can.

If you have no experience with exercise my advice is to hire an in-person coach or sign up to a reputable class based gym.

2. You need to be someone who enjoys training and prioritises it.

I coach people who love training.

That's it, they're the terms. It's not feasible to coach a beginner, and I only coach people who love training.

If you're good with both of those I would LOVE to see you inside the programme.

I do need a minimum 3 month commitment for anyone signing up (not paid up front), after that it is a monthly investment which you can cancel at any time.

Honestly though, anyone I do coach I want to coach forever.

If you're unsure you should have a read through the feedback from my members below, or feel free to drop me a message.

This is the best programme of it's kind. You won't find anything else like it, and I would love to see you in there.