This is what everyone who signs up wants when they start. 'TELL ME MY CALORIES!'. 

You'll see how to to work things out here and you'll immediately notice it's quite a simple process. The tricky part is going away and eating food and meals in everyday life which hit these targets. I'm going to make it much easier for you.

We'll need to do a bit of work in the first few weeks though, and here are some of the questions you'll need to work on.

What meals will you eat to hit the target?

How many meals is it per day?

What times will your meals be at?

We eat food and meals, not a calorie number.

Your task is to also plan ahead for the next few days and come up with a routine.

Key Points.


1. Plan out what a typical day will look like e.g. meal times (very important) and meals.

2. Make sure you have the food you need where you need it (at home, in work). Start to take control of your food environment today.