When it comes to food and reaching your goals the ideal scenario is you being able to reach those goals while eating food you love.

There are a couple of things you'll need to define first.

First off, what is your goal?

Do you want to lose weight? 

Outside of that the option is to live well, maintain a weight or live within a weight range, and be well.

Fat loss should be a set, defined time period, and should not be indefinite.

After that, we need to explore what foods we really enjoy eating while staying with the guidelines we know send us toward the goal. 

It takes time to build up this 'nutritional intuition', but wow is it worth it.

You'll need to explore food, you'll need to plan and be organised, and you'll need to take time to build up your knowledge base of food and meals (how much energy they contain, are they mostly protein/carb/fat etc.).

Over time this becomes intuitive, which is a wonderful feeling.

Eating food you love and reaching your goals is very, very doable. Let's take a look how.

Key Points.