When we look to lose weight we have a specific calorie goal we're trying to hit each day (usually a small range) which keeps us in a calorie deficit. Over time this will cause fat loss to occur. How do we know how many calories are in any food product or meal we have? There are many apps you can download to your phone which allow calculation of the calories in most of the foods we can buy in our local shop or supermarket.

It's easy to manually input a barcode or scan it in and hey presto, the amount of calories pops up on your screen. You can then do this until your goal is hit.

Sounds great, right? It is, it's a fantastic piece of technology we are privileged to have access to, but tracking all of your food all of the time is not going to be practical.

Should you track or not? What are the options if you don't want to? What gives better results? Let's dive in.

Key Points.