One of the main major plus points I would love you to take away from the 6 weeks is that you feel able to enjoy your food. When anyone thinks of losing weight they may instinctively think of restriction and how boring their food needs to be. Plain chicken and rice, tasteless salads.

It doesn't have to be like that.

You can be more flexible and you can still enjoy your food. It's all about knowing portions, planning, and picking your battles. We can't have unlimited amounts of everything, but you can eat food you love.

Outside of that, dieting/losing weight should make up a small percentage of our lives. The food we can eat while maintaining our weight can definitely be tasty and we can have more. Food is a great social connector and it also has the ability to protect our health and help us thrive.

When you think of nutrition, think of the food you love and enjoy.

I encourage you to explore different recipes when you’re here and long after, and to try to foster a positive relationship with food throughout your life.

Key Points.