Being able to glance at food labels and quickly gather information is something you'll find helpful when it comes to managing your nutrition in the longer term. The information on the label doesn't tell you everything, you also need to understand about the overall context of things. 

An example here is cheese. Cheese products show up as 'red' on the traffic light scale, but dairy products are nutrient dense and intake is associated with positive health outcomes.

The issue is the amount you eat. It pays to know you only need this type of food in small amounts (which sucks, because cheese tastes amazing!). Know this simple 'information in front of me versus overall context' is important, more so that you don't get scared of perfectly good food.

When it comes to less nutrient dense food where people get caught out with food labels is mistaking serving sizes. The calorie amount might seem kind, but in the small print it's listed as being part of a small serving.

We don't have to go into huge detail with anything here. Some small pointers go a long way. Let's take a look.

Key Points.