Having a healthy diet doesn't have to be boring. We can eat a variety of different foods and meals and promote our health, as well as lose weight if we have a good plan in place.

By now you'll have noticed the quantity of foods you have and the portion sizes matter in terms of managing your weight, that's the big factor.

When it comes to promoting your health, healthy, nutritious food should make up most of your diet. By having it this way you win two ways - it's easier to manage your weight, and it adds to your health.

You'll start feel better physically and mentally if you begin to do this and move away from eating a lot of ultra processed, junk type food (you’ll learn we can fit small amounts of this into our diet, so they are not totally off limits).

An important concept you'll take from this as well is that nutrition is one factor that affects health. There are others you need to be mindful of too.

Let’s jump in and take a look.

Key Points.

6 Foods To Make Your Diet Healthier.