Fat loss is definitely not something you want to, or should attempt to do, all the time. You can't perma-diet. It physically doesn't work, and it promotes a bad relationship with food and your body.

Saying that, if you're interested in living at a healthy weight and changing your body composition in any way you're going to have to diet more than once in your life.

Dieting blocks can be successful if set up correctly, and in the context of your overall relationship with food and nutrition can help you nurture a positive relationship.

A fat loss block does need to be set up properly though. There are a few factors to think of here, which may include the time span, your current level of experience dieting, who you're accountable to (or not), and what your end goal is.

Here are some pointers about how you'd set things up if you look to in the future (don't ever hesitate to get in touch if you need help with it).

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