After a 6 - 12 week dieting block  finishes comes arguably the most important period - maintaining your new weight. Fat loss can be relatively simple initially if someone is highly motivated in the beginning.

We are not 100% motivated every minute of every day, so it's important that we build habits and routine and understand the reason why we are making certain decisions.

Many people end up putting weight back on once dieting is finished. They are lots of potential reasons here, but lack of a plan and guidance moving past dieting certainly plays a big factor.

My guidance for you now and into the future is to think of 'plants + protein' for any meal template. This template helps you lose weight, it helps you add to your weight, it aids performance, it's just a very, very useful way to approach any meal.

You'll obviously need to pick meals which you actually like, as opposed to me telling you to eat plain chicken and broccoli (this fits perfect in to plants + protein!). It doesn't mean the only ingredients can be plants and protein, or that it has to be tasteless. There are endless ways you can make tasty meals based off of this.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits.

Key Points.