We can often find ourselves comparing what we have with others around us. Our house, our car, our salary, the holidays we go on. It's a part of human nature and I would also argue that it's driven by capitalism/consumerism (we compare, we despair, we buy things to feel better). 

Not all comparison is bad, but a lot of it can be unhealthy especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. What are we comparing? Our bodies and our ability to exercise (how much we can lift, how fast we went).

Your body can be here the real 'compare and despair' hits you. It's something you really should actively push against though, and I'd argue being aware and open about discussing things like this make it easier.

There are some pretty big reasons why comparison with another person in terms of weight loss and/or exercise is completely futile, and counter productive. Always remember you are taking part in huge positive change, it makes no sense to compare yourself to someone else and have negative thoughts about how you're doing.

Let's take a look.

Key Points.