We made it! The end of the 6 weeks.

Thank you so much for signing up, I really hope you've enjoyed the content and experience over the entirety of the programme. I'm sure you've learned a thing or two about nutrition and the lifestyle habits needed to be healthy, but I also hope you found some tasty meals from the recipe library that you'll go back to again and again in the future.

Enjoying your food will be something that means a lot to me. If you find any recipes you love please let me know.

We've taken a good look at losing weight and what is needed, and you can now see it's a lifestyle change to stay healthy and at a healthy weight. We dedicate blocks of time to dieting, we work hard, then we revert back a more loose approach. Crash dieting or yo-yo dieting is doomed to failure and a poor relationship with food, dieting, and possibly with how you look.

I would love to continue to coach you on your journey. I'm going to go through the details, but first I have something to ask. 

Word of mouth and positive feedback are incredibly important for helping me to reach people. I would be incredibly grateful if you could post a positive 5 star review on my Google business page. 



If you feel like you have any feedback on how the course could be improved please drop me a mail and let me know, this kind of information is so important to me.

As for word of mouth, if you have any friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in signing up for the next run through of the 6 week programme please send them to this link.




If you would like to continue with your coaching (I would love to have you stay) then you do have the choice to keep going with me.

You'll gain continued access to the all the videos and content, and if at any stage you want the emails sent again across 6 weeks to catch up on topics you missed it can be arranged.

You'll be added to my member mailing list where you receive weekly emails and we check-in every Monday (you'll get a voice note reply on Tuesday).

You keep access to the recipe library and we'll set up a shared folder with a new tracking sheet so we can continue to work toward your goals successfully.

My online coaching service consists of a training programme plus nutrition, and the cost is €150 per month ( if you'd like to trial the training for a week for free let me know). You have the option of continuing with nutrition only with a 30% reduction in cost per month if you sign up within the next 2 days. After the 2 days is up the price reverts to €150 per month for nutrition only.

That's continued monthly nutrition coaching for €105 per month (you can cancel any time, no contract) if you sign up within 2 days.

There's obviously the choice to choose nutrition and training if you'd like (€150 p/m), but coming through the 6 week programme is the only way you can get a discount for nutrition only.

The sign-up link is below, make sure you put 30 in the coupon code field and wait for the price to change down before signing up. Once it's done we'll continue on route to you feeling and looking your absolute best.

This is the quickest and best route to your goals AND long term, sustainable success.


(unsure about the training? If you'd like to trial it for a week for free let me know)

Key Points.